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Supper Solutions

Choose a minimum of 5 entrées

Chicken Entrée Selection ($16)

Freezer Friendly & Microwavable

Chicken Parmesan with Tomato Basil Sauce
a real favorite with families, this chicken is sure to please the toughest crowd.

Green Thai Curry Chicken
a traditional Thai recipe with coconut milk and Thai spices

Sweet & Sour Chicken (Gluten Free)
an Asian classic delight made with our very own sweet & sour sauce then slow roasted easily in the oven

Beef Entrée Selection ($18)

Freezer Friendly & Microwavable

Beef Stroganoff (Gluten Free)
a Russian dish with sautéed beef and white wine; goes exceptionally well with rice

Beef Tika Masala
this unique dish a favorite amongst the British includes tangy tomato and onion curry

Cottage Pie (Gluten Free)
an English classic of beef mince and mashed potato, seasoned to perfection

Fish Entrée Selection ($19)

Freezer Friendly & Microwavable

Bermuda Cod Fish Cakes with Cole Slaw
traditional Bermuda style cod fish cake with seasonings and russet potato served with a traditional cabbage slaw with our own special mayonnaise

Baked Salmon Topped with Pesto Mashed Potato (Gluten Free)
seasoned salmon that is baked and crowned with beautifully mashed pesto potato

Grilled Mahi Mahi with Summer Salsa
a Bermudian specialty sure to please the crowd

Thai Chili Shrimp ($24)
the slightly spicy dish has mango and a hint of basil

Pasta & Vegetarian Entrée Selection ($16)

Linguine with Mixed Seafood in a White Wine Sauce
this Italian favorite is combined with a seafood medley and finished with our own in house sauce

Bermuda Mac & Cheese - Plain or with Albacore Tuna (Freezer Friendly)
all time Bermuda classic made fresh with cheddar cheese and toasted bread crumbs

Pasta with Fresh Spinach, Chickpeas, Garlic and Cherry Tomatoes (Freezer Friendly & Vegetarian)
rice shaped pasta, sautéed with garlic and finished with roasted cherry tomatoes

Lite Entrée Selection ($19)

Freezer Friendly, Gluten Free and Microwavable

Poached Salmon with Parmesan and Roasted Tomato Crust
fresh marinated salmon that is roasted with aged parmesan and tomato to make a beautiful light crust

Bunless Tuna Burger
a soon to be favorite, tuna burger served with guacamole, cilantro and chopped tomatoes

Stuffed Boneless Chicken Breast with Spinach and Carmelized Onions
a classic that is easily turned to a lite meal with sautéed spinach and onion

Choose Your Side Dishes!

  • Plain Basmati Rice ($5) (Gluten Free)
  • Egg Fried Rice ($7) (Gluten Free)
  • Parsley Boiled Potatoes ($6) (Gluten Free)
  • Rosemary Roasted Potatoes ($6) (Gluten Free)
  • Shanghai Noodles ($8)
  • Fresh Local Mixed Vegetables ($6) (Gluten Free)
  • Bermuda Style Potato Salad ($6) (Gluten Free)
  • Chicken Salad ($6) (Gluten Free)
  • Grilled Vegetable Pasta Salad ($7)
  • Mixed Green Salad ($8) (Gluten Free)